Founded in 2008 CAMAL studio is the result of decades of experience in the field of virtual modelling and design.
Its founder, Alessandro Camorali, has worked in the early years of his career as an employee and later as a consultant for renowned protagonists of the italian industry.
Since 2001 Alessandro Camorali collects several years of experience working for Stile Bertone, Fiat and Ferrari.
The CAMAL services both in the virtual modelling and in training world have been appreciated even by Pininfarina and private and public institutions in the italian market.
CAMAL studio born as a center of virtual modelling for the industry and, over time it began to range from design to training, offering a complete service to customers looking for a supplier clever and capable, able to control the process of product creation from the idea to its industrialization. Specialized in the creation of virtual models for the automotive industry over time it has dedicated with the same commitment to new applications like the marine and product industry.
CAMAL wants represent the excellence in the quality of services and in their methodologies, selecting and training its staff with the same principles that have made possible the affirmation of its name over time.






Our activities related to the definition of the product's style are varied. The first approach is the link to the sketch, the emotional representation of the concept through the creation of paper drawings or by digital photo-realism. We can realize the wishes and the needs of the customer, developing the style in a process aimed at the search of beauty and functional. We can create style both for a range of product or individual object, whether they are related to the world of industrial design or more specifically directed to transportation design.


With decades of experience gained in the field of transportation design our expertise in virtual modeling are numerous and reliable.

CAS: the construction of models of style has always been the strenght of the study, the ability to interpret the information of design, coming from outside or developed internally, has made the study one of the most popular in this field. Using dedicated software, the CAMAL's modellers need just few images to transform an idea into a virtual three-dimensional model. The quality and speed of execution are some of the features that the study offers like a standard for the supply to private person or companies.

MASTER: With our experience in many companies of the sector and with the skills acquired over the years CAMAL studio can realize without problems virtual models dedicated to the industrialization of the product. These 3D, commonly called "master" ensure the usability of the aesthetic surfaces to a higher level, ensuring a qualitative and certificate standard, which is essential for the engineering and the production of the final product. We guarantee a faithful reproduction of the STL or of the aesthetic surfaces (CAS) existing, according to the required tolerances, performing the defined process of "smoothing" of volumes if necessary.


The rendering service is offered in addition to the other services or usable individually.
CAMAL studio has the knowledge to create photorealistic and emotional images arising from a virtual three-dimensional model. The activity, that can be static or dynamic, makes use of different methodologies and softwares.


The "reverse classic" project is born from the urgency of the carmakers and individuals to restore or reproduce parts or whole cars. This is a work that is often complicated in a repeatable process; the primary difficulty is to have a reference model to certify the originality of the volumes in an unequivocal manner.
The idea is to create a process that aims to certify and play forms and details of historic cars through careful research and a meticulous reproduction of details and main volumes.
The career path is composed of basic steps and replicable for each car: scanning as certification, CAD modeling as digital storage and finally the creation of sheet metal surfaces based on secure data.
This process ensures that you can create an archive of all the digital models subjected to the project and, on request, their replication or restoration for safe certification of originality by the manufacturer and compliance with the master reference.
The uses that could follow the digitization of the car can be many, from the model to the interactive world by ensuring the preservation of the technical heritage and style of the trademark owner.



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