Born from the pencil of the designer Alessio Minchella, “Tributo” is a project of CAMAL studio designed to create a one-off car.

This special bodywork, designed for a unique car, is based on the platform of the Maserati Granturismo, it shares with this model not only the technical layout but also the qualities of elegance and sportiness that has always characterized the cars of the Trident.

The style of the future car, was designed to satisfy the taste of the connoisseurs of the Modena’s car company, a stylistic path that starts from the famous Ghibli, Bora, Kashmin and defines a new interpretation of the Maserati GT.

“Tributo” is a “fastback”, a natural choice to enhance the sporty character of the brand, a strong character that is merge with the essential characteristics of quality, comfort and elegance typical of Maserati.

Inspired by the work of the best past car designer in Turin, we have decided to respect with the maximum rigor the balance of the volumes through the use of simple sections along the central part of the car. The protruding wheel arches, reminiscent of the powerful V8 of the ’60s and’ 70s, strengthen the visual impact of the body car that lives and enhances the symbiosis with the basic architecture.

The front and the rear have been treated and embellished only in functional key, thus emphasizing the look simple and sculptural that makes the car an exercise in elegance with a strong identity.

Technically the car has retained its basic features, but the choice of materials of the body has decreased the weight and increase performance. Security structures remained unchanged allowing easy validation as a single vehicle. Several options for upgrading the engine are available to the customer.

“Tributo” is an example of professionalism and experience with which CAMAL studio face every project that is being proposed, whether this comes from a private client, or from a company.

The team that developed the concept consists by Alessio Minchella, freelance designer and teacher at IED, by Alessandro Camorali founder CAMAL and Ing. Paolo Garellawho has inspired the idea that gave rise to the concept.

The experiences and skills represented by practitioners who have ventured into the project are a guarantee of the quality of the final product.

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