Ferrari 599XX is a very special version of the 599 GTB Fiorano, destined to selected customers, who seek in the track (it is not omolagata for the road use) the pure driving pleasure.

It is a true concentrate of technology. For this extreme car Maranello’s engineers have adopted specific solutions, some of which will remain an exclusive of the 599XX.

The body of the car, for obvious reasons of weight, is made of composite materials and carbon fiber and was exposed to a careful aerodynamic study which allows to obtain a value of vertical load of 280 kg to 200 km / h and 630 kg to 300 km / h.

To make the new Ferrari more attacked to the ground, the engineers have equipped it with the Actiflow System: a device that consists in the adoption of two fans, housed in the trunk, able to draw air from the bottom of the car and expel it from the back through two grids placed at the same height of the taillights. Substantial actions have also affected the powerful 12-cylinder now capable of delivering 700 hp.

The stylistic changes have affected the front and the rear of the car, creating special bumper, behind the front wheel is placed a large air vent embellished with an aerodynamic appendage that grows on the side.

Beyond vents on the bonnet and fender, interesting are also the aerodynamic devices on the side toward the rear of the car, that characterize the line and aggressiveness.

Alessandro Camorali has participated in the creation of the 3D model of the Ferrari 599 XX alongside designer Matteo Gilles, (under the supervision of the director of the design center, Donato Coco) into the Ferrari Spa Maranello during the year 2008.

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