A good exercise of style but also a clea reference to the ancient racing BMW: is the Coupè Concept Car that BMW presents at the Milla Miglia.The concept is based on the Z4 M Coupè and is aesthetically inspired by the 328 Milla Miglia Touring Copuè (winner in 1940).Longer than 23 cm of the Z4 coupè, wider than 14 cm and lower than 4 cm the concept has a retro style: the covered rear wheels, the tapered tail with micro rear window, coolong vents on the side. Interesting the triangular silencer under the right door.The carbon fiber will be very present (sub-frame, “fins”). The 20” rims are designed specifically for the concept for 245/40 tires.The headlights are full LED. The interior instead should be “special”. They were built using only three materials: stainless steel, untreated leather and Lycra.


Alessandro Camorali, who worked in Stile Bertone s.p.a. like an employee has partecipated to the realization of the 3D model of the cncept near the talented BMW’s designer Andreas Warming in the Bertone’s headquarter in 2006.

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