Collaborative project of CAMAL studio did in 2013 on the occasion of the collaboration between the Ferrari design center and CONI, for the Winter Olympics Games in Sochi in 2014.

It was created by Ferrari for CONI in order to create a high-performance vehicle with high technological standards, where aerodynamics exerts a primary role for the performance.

The house of Maranello, knowing very well the matter, has made available the racing team to support the professionists of the italian nationality in the creation of a unique bob.

Through testing in the Ferrari’s wind tunnel, the bob has reached an ideal compromise between aerodynamic impact, regulatory constraints and comfort for the athletes.

CAMAL has collaborated with Ferrari S.p.A. and CONI to the development of aesthetic surfaces, creating harmonious volumes but rigid about the technological and regulatory constraints.

The care and quality that the CAMAL team has given to this work was equal to the work performed on a car, thinking that the “technical” can be “nice” the form-function responding to the concept of pure design.

The CAMAL’s graphic team has also created liveries that aim to release the bob from its natural form, through a false black on the front windshield and Italian flags that arise and creep along the curved and aerodynamic contours.

The font “ITALY” and the white livery are a reference to Maranello’s models, remembering versions XX of the models with four wheels.

We are proud to have participated in this project to create a unique vehicle for the italian national team.

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