CabiBUS is the world’s best public transportation; a sustainable mobility societal challenge. The climate requires a transition to fossil-free travel and transport and at the same time there is a revolutionary development in the automotive industry towards electric drive and self-driving that can make the transition faster. CabiBUS utilizes this technology development in a completely new way to create services that make private motorists want to travel collectively, with greatly reduced environmental impact and traffic as a result.
The project have very high goals, it should be the most sustainable, efficient, safe, secure, comfortable and economic microtransit in the world.
The patented CabiBUS vehicle offers efficient journeys in a private cabins so that no one should have to feel uncomfortable sharing travel with strangers in a driverless vehicle.
As a new part of public transportation, it offers on-demand, door-to-door travel up to 100 km around each urban area and can therefore replace a very large part of daily travel and commuting in private cars.
Professional design and visualizations is an important part for the initial financing so that a start up company can be formed.
That is why the inventor Kenneth Palmestål choose CAMAL STUDIO for this job!

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