BAT80 is a hypercar born to continue the Batmobile legacy, a tribute to its iconic forms and to its predisposition to total exaggeration. The volume is developed horizontally, moving the cabin towards the rear wheels. The front quickly falls into a wedge shape, emphasising the front fenders and highlighting the large bonnet area typical of 90’s Bat-mobiles. At the front there are dissipation blades that cover the entire central part almost up to the cabin, the sole purpose to cool the engine based on experimental super-capacitor technologies. On the side of the car we find a theoretical line that divides the upper section from the lower. Through an opening, an air intake/outlet allows the passage of a cooling air flow in favour of a conventional ventilated system. On the bonnet we also find condensation outlets due to the liquid nitrogen cooling of the super-condensers. The cabin, made of multilayered glass, opens by sliding the canopy towards the front, as per usual on Bat-mobiles, hiding the occupants from outside. Its internal structure is composed of an ultrasonic radar grid that allows a three-dimensional holographic view of the surrounding environment.
The rear is suspended in a sinuous and floating form; a large extractor and a rear light with the Batman logo complete the back. The 4 superconducting motorised wheels have no inner tube and are equipped with adaptive rims, from which Bat-claws come out to better adhere to extreme terrain. Among the countless BAT80 gadgets we find non-lethal defence systems, such as shock-wave guns present on the front of the car, or more destructive, like the side bat-gun that can be equipped with different types of ammunition. For extra precaution it also has a satellite anti-theft device and its own artificial intelligence system for autonomous driving and defence … if you were ever so brave as to try and steal it!

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