Bella is a showcase for the productive skills of Gloster, different from any product made previously.

An elegant aluminum frame is combined with laminate teak stave, thought for the production of a unique and clean shape, both in the design and in the execution.

This cleaning volumes are much more than a style exercise, they are a warning of how design can be operational to the appearance and respect the handmade quality in the realization.

The excellent materials used and the mastery in the execution makes the outdoor line “Bella” concrete as it seems.

The vision of Bella is simple, which would be the most contemporary interpretation for an outdoor collection?

The answer came from the European leader of the product design Carsten Astheimer, who challenged Gloster on a technical and production perspective in order to realise through the experience of the group, with skill and passion, the product of his own vision.

The particular shape makes Bella a very tridimensional object, peculiarity unusual for this type of outdoor furniture, making the product not only elegant but also very comfortable.

Carsten Astheimer (designer of Bella) has had over 15 years of experience in various strategic roles in planning and product development. Carsten has strong design principles and believes that design should play its part in the sustainability of the product.

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